Why Choose Us?

Dr Chris Blatchley Botox Cosmetic Treatment SpecialistThe London Migraine Clinic has a simple aim – to give you the best possible service, with the best possible care and the best possible results, all at a price you can afford!

Our team is headed by Dr Chris Blatchley MB BChir(Cantab), a registered doctor who trained at Cambridge. Dr Blatchley’s interest in migraines developed from his work at  Capital Aesthetics. Patients were coming specifically to get treated for their migraines, and the need for this specialist clinic  became apparent. The London Migraine Clinic will support your general migraine treatment from your GP or hospital specialist with Botox treatments using the latest research and techniques to give you the best outcome.

We believe that:-

  • At all times we should give the highest standards of professional care, never promise anything we cannot do, and always be open and accurate about what we can do for you.
  • You, the client, are our best advertisement, and you should be absolutely happy with the care you have received
  • You should be able to come back at any time (by appointment)  for a check-up.