Prices for Migraine Consultations & Treatments with Botox

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£100 internet discount for Botox treatments

NB. All special offers must be mentioned at the time of booking and can end without notice, but will be honoured if mentioned when the appointment is booked.

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Dr Blatchley is happy to see you for an initial consultation to discuss the best alternatives for you.

A telephone consultation No Charge
A 30 minute in-depth consultation £49.50 – but this not charged if you have a Botox treatment at the same consultation

You are very welcome to have a telephone conversation first to decide whether you need a 30-minute face-to-face consultation

Phone 020 7929 4883 for an appointment or a telephone consultation.



Initial Migraine Treatment and Consultation Normally £485 Save £100    Now £385

This price is for the glabellar/forehead trigger zone. Depending on your migraine pattern, this will often be all you may need, but if you have more than one trigger zone then you may require more areas treated. If you require the full PREEMPT Protocol endorsed by NICE (the governmental committee National Institute for Clinical Excellence), then the cost will be £720. This includes the neck, temples and forehead, as well as a proper treatment of the glabella, an area that is not fully treated in the standard PREEMPT Protocol.

Depending on your migraine pattern it is possible to have just the glabella/forehead done and see if you require the full treatment. The pros and cons of this will be discussed at the consultation but if you have come a long way then it will often be better to have the full treatment rather than come back for the second part. Once it is established that Botox is an effective treatment for you then you can try just one zone, be it the neck or forehead/glabella

A Treatment Plan will be discussed at the consultation along with the costs, and you are free not to have a treatment until you have considered things further, if you need. The only cost will be the consultation charge.

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Botox can also be used for Wrinkle Reduction, Jawline Reduction and Bruxism Treatment, and  Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Please go to

Wrinkle Reduction
One Area to the face £175 Now £175
Two Areas to the face £275 Save £50 Now £225
All 3 areas to the face £375 Save £100 Now £275

The prices quoted are the standard prices. However some people, usually men, have a noticeably higher muscle mass around the face that will require a higher dose. If this is the case and a higher dose is required then there will be an extra charge dependant on the increased dose but this will generally be no more than £50. We will always discus this with you before proceeding with the treatment.

Hyperhidrosis – Armpits
£545 Save £100 Now £445
Non-surgical Jawline Reduction £375 Save £100 Now £275

Price for Hyperhidrosis  treatments may vary depending on the areas needing treatment, if they are larger than normal. We will always discuss this with you before commencing treatment.


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We also have Payment Plans to spread the cost of treatments.


 Notice on the previous day by 5pm is required for cancellation of an appointment, otherwise we will have to make a charge of £49.50 to contribute towards costs. This will be reduced to £25 if you have given us two hour’s notice that you cannot attend on the day.

Please note that if you do not arrive for an introductory consultation this charge will still apply even if the consultation would otherwise be given without charge, because there are costs of giving this service

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