Paul’s Migraines Controlled At Last

I began visiting Dr Blatchley at the Capital Aethetics Clinic on referral from Dr Muehlberger of The Migraine Centre Harley St January 2011. (Dr Muehlberger wasn’t always in the UK when I needed further Botox treatment for my migraines) I’ve suffered the debilitating effects of migraine from age 20 up to my now 56 years old. Dr Blatchley continued along the same lines as Dr Muehlberger in injecting Botox into the 3 accepted trigger points until the neck was identified as the source of my migraines. Dr Blatchley accompanied me to my next appointment with Dr Muehlberger and after further neck injections I am finally going to Germany for surgery which I hope will give me my life back. Both Doctors worked together with concern and patience for which, whatever the result, I will be eternally grateful for.          Paul N, London