Paul beats his migraines with Botox – the story continues

Further to my Testimonial earlier this year, here’s an update. The trigger points for my migraines had been identfiied with the Botox as in my neck. I had the operation mid July and although I had a headache for about 2 weeks afterwards I can say the results have been wonderful. I’ve a fair scar that the good Doctor also claims will fade in time but as I told him he could have remove half my face but if gave me 50% less pain I’d have been just as happy. If you’re in any doubt persist with the Botox, then consider going for the operation. I now have a life; I’m finding it strange as I still expect a bad head everyday as that was the norm. Fingers crossed and hope others have my success – Paul N, London

A note from Dr Chris Blatchley – This is a fantastic result. While the operation is not for everybody, Botox is the key, as the operation will be as successful as the Botox. Those who don’t want the operation can continue with Botox without any problems. Over 50% have a complete cessation of migraines while another 45% have such a great reduction in both intensity and frequency that they are over the moon.