Stop Your Migraines With Botox

Migraine are aweful at the best of times, and for the worst sufferers this can mean several days a month in a darkened room. With Botox treatment, up to 90% can have marked improvement and 50% have no attacks at all!

Botox is very effective for some sufferers. It was noticed by accident that sufferers who were having Botox for their wrinkles found that their headaches disappeared. The research since then has changed the understanding of how migraines start and improvements in technique mean that anything up to 90% of sufferers will get improvement while 50% will have no attacks at all. The effect wears off when the Botox wears off but sufferers who have had little respite before are over the moon after treatment. Indeed recently Botox has been given the ok by the medical establishment.

Patient selection and injection technique are both very important, and Dr Chris Blatchley can usually  here at Capital Aesthetics can usually forecast who the Botox is going to work for well.

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