Migraines – Painkillers make them worse

NICE – National Institute for Clinical Excellence – has published guidelines on how taking too many painkillers and Triptans can actually make migraines worse. This is because the treatments suppress the pain and don’t stop the migraines from happening.

It has been recognised for a long time that Triptans can cause this, so this leaves people with severe frequent migraines in a double bind. Treat your migraines and run the risk of making them worse, or suffer them without painkillers. However the best way is to have a treatment that stops the migraine from starting and this is where Botox treatment helps.

It is well established that Botox treatment can stop migraines completely in up to 50% and reduce them significantly in frequency and intensity for most of the rest (for less than 1 in 20 they do not work). NICE recognises that Botox can be used to treat migraines, and have issued guidelines on Botox treatments too

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