Migraine Surgery

Surgery can give a very effective permanent cure for migraines in people who respond well to Botox. Before you can consider surgery you must have a Botox Test since those who respond well can also respond well to surgery.

Here’s a link to an article in the Daily Mail:-


  • Those who prefer not to go down the surgical route can always continue to have Botox therapy but several surgeons in Germany and America are offering surgery for those where it is suitable. Professor Thomas Muehlberger of Berlin University is a leader in the field having studied in America. He comes over regularly to the UK, and forecasts that in a few years there will be several surgeons offering the treatment in the UK since it can work so effectively.
  • Dr Blatchley has studied under Professor Muehlberger of Berlin University on the use of Botox, and is working to make these treatments more freely available.
    • Click here for his website,
    • Click here for an article on the BBC website about his work,
    • Click here for an informative Wikipedia entry.)
  • Dr Blatchley is offering consultations and treatments with Botox. For sufferers who respond well to Botox and want to explore surgery he can refer you for a further discussion of a permanent surgical cure by a specialist surgeon such as Professor Muehlberger.

Before considering surgery it is vitally important that you are assessed properly and have at lease 3 successful cycles of Botox treatment. For further information and assessment of the best treatment of your migraine, please phone 020 7929 4883