How To Find A Good Practitioner

One of the challenges in getting the best from your Botox is to find somebody who really knows what they are doing but is at the same time affordable. How do you do that?

Well, the key is to find somebody you can trust.

  1. Recommendation – If you have a friend who’s opinion you trust, and you can see that the doctor’s work looks good then you probably can’t say more than that.
  2. Talk to the doctor – Will the doctor talk to you on the phone? Will he give you an initial consultation, a short one without charge? Or if you want a longer one, will the charge be offset against the cost of future treatment? When you speak to the doctor, does he explain the downsides of a particular treatment? Does he give alternative treatment plans?

The main point of all this is to feel confident in his abilities. Often people will come to me and start with something simple to build up trust first hand….