Treatments for Migraines

Migraines are the commonest cause of chronic headaches

  • With over 10% of the population affected they are an enormously important cause of lost days, not just at work but also socially, with a big impact on family life, as well as any individual suffering.
  • Fortunately many people can stop an attack in the early stages with triptans, but for others migraines are a blight on their lives, with most days affected
  • Everybody’s migraine picture is different and it is important to find the treatment that suits you. Botox is the latest treatment and works in a very different way to drug therapy

Controlling Attacks

  • Triptans – if taken early enough, these can nip a migraine in the bud and stop it from developing into a full blown attack
  • Painkillers – to help control the headache once a migraine
  • Anti-emetics – if sickness is a problem then these can help if taken early enough

Preventing Attacks

  • Avoid migraine triggers (this is a VERY important part of avoiding migraines)
    • Stress – Stress itself can bring on migraines or relaxing at the weekend after a stressful week can both bring on migraines
    • Strenuous exercise – but moderate regular exercise is good for migraines
    • Diet – Make sure you eat reguarly as fasting can bring on migraines. Avoid specific foods such as alcohol, chocolate, cheese
  • Break the migraine cascade –
    • Botox
    • Nerve Blocks
    • Menstrual Migraine – see the medication section
    • Alternative Medicine – Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy
  • Medication
    • If the migraines are not adequately controlled during attacks then preventative medication can be used. Unfortunately they can produce side effects that limit their usefulness
    • Hormone therapy in Menstrual Migraine

 Treatment for Children and in Pregnancy