Botox for Migraines – A New And Effective Approach

Dr Blatchley is pleased to offer the treatment of Migraines with Botox. It has been shown to work and the PREMPT Protocol used in the NHS has been endorsed by NICE (the governmental committee National Institute for Clinical Excellence). Dr Blatchley has improved on this protocol to treat the glabellar area properly, something that the PREMPT protocol does not do.

Our specialist clinic for migraine sufferers, uses the latest techniques with Botulinum Therapy (or Botox as most people call it) to reduce or completely stop attacks by relaxing the muscles that cause the attack to start. The key indicators to deciding whether the cause of your migraine attacks is likely to respond to Botulinum are as follows:-

  • Do they affect one or more of the 3 trigger points – above the eyes, in the temples or at the back of the head?
  • Do you prefer to lie still away from bright light while you have an attack?
  • If your migraines start above the eye, do you find that pressure on the eyebrow helps?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above questions then you are likely to find that Botulinum will help, often with a dramatic improvement or total disappearance of your migraines.

Here are some typical experiences of his patients:-

  • “Before I came to see Dr Blatchley I’d been having migraines for years, and almost constantly for 3 months. One treatment and they have disappeared completely. It is the first time for years that I have not felt in fear of the next attack. Magic” Gwendolyn Anderson, Epsom
  • “I have suffered from stress headaches across my forehead for years, and have had to take lots of Neurofen and Migraleve, which have only partly helped. After treatment with Botox they disappeared completely, and only started to come back when the botox wore off. The effect is liberating” Jessica Greene.

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Read on for more information:-

Anybody who suffers from migraine headaches will know how debilitating they can be. Most treatments presently used are limited in their effect, and the misery and expense through days lost at work can be enormous. The causes of Migraines are complicated, but new research is changing doctors’ understanding of how the attacks start.

Published medical research from America and Germany has described how specially placed injections of Botox in true migraine sufferers can result in a 50% reduction in intensity and frequency for up to 85% of those injected, with up to 50% having no attacks at all for several months, after which the treatment can be repeated. Even allowing for a degree of unintentional selection of patients in these studies the results are remarkable. Overall it appears that at least 50% of all migraine sufferers are helped partly or totally by Botox. It is important to have a full in-depth consultation to confirm the details of your migraines and whether Botox is likely to be of benefit

The reasons why the Botox can be so effective are still being researched. It has been known for years that many people’s migraines start with spasm of muscles at trigger points, most commonly the eyebrows, temples or back of the head. Some doctors believed that the injections worked by relaxing muscles in these areas that irritated nerves in the trigger points. These nerves in turn sent messages back to the place in the brain where the migraines start. This may in part be true but it is not the whole story!

Instead it appears that Botox blocks some special pain sensors that are mostly in the tendons and fibrous attachments around the muscles, though paralysing these muscles may also reduce mechanical irritation of these pain sensors. Indeed the muscular spasm in some people can be so marked that their eyebrows become raised and prominent. Whether from reducing the stimulation or blocking the signals, the effect is to stop unwanted information reaching the particular area in the base of the brain where the migraines build up. The reduced stimulation in the brain blocks the cascade of hyperstimulation that sets off the migraine

Indeed it is now known that migraneur’s brains are different. Pain and headaches are useful warning signs, but in a migraneur’s brain the natural feedback loops that keep the headaches under control is abnormal. It appears that the cause of this is an imbalance between the excitatory and inhibitory control processes governing brain function, and the headache cascade is more easily set off. The Botox helps block this effect.

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