Migraines and Botox

Dr Chris Blatchley, Capital Aesthetics London

What Is A Migraine?  

Simply put, Migraines are caused by a misfiring of the nervous system. There is an overwhelming build-up of nerve cell activity in the brain stem at the base of the brain and the effect of this spreads in a cascade to produce the migraine headache that lasts for several hours to a day or more before it gradually recedes.

This website is here to give you a guide to:-

  • The latest theories of how migraines start
  • All about Botox for migraines
  • The best drug treatments, both for attacks and how to prevent them
  • How to deal with Medication Overuse Headaches, and how to avoid them ever starting
  • Other sites giving excellent general advice on migraines

The London Migraine Clinic is run by Dr Chris Blatchley MB BChir, a registered doctor who trained at Cambridge and has a particular interest in migraines which developed from his other specialist work using Botox for aesthetic procedures. Quite simply, we aim to give you the best medical care of your migraines, using Botox along with other well-established medical treatments when they are not controlling the attacks effectively. We offer the opportunity for a consultation with him before any treatment, so that you can be sure of what is right for you. For more details click here.